Parenting On Purpose

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Parenting On Purpose

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Jason Free’s Parenting on Purpose will give you a new sense of direction to help you guide your children to a lasting, fulfilling relationship with God.


Raising terrific, happy Christian kids doesn't happen by accident. All too often Christian parents end up raising their kids by default. It just happens while we're busy trying to survive. We want our kids to be happy and to be good, responsible Christians, "in the world but not of it." But we don’t know how to help them get there. In Parenting on Purpose, Jason Free provides you with all you need to develop a personal plan for leading your kids to a clear awareness of their Christian identity, so that Christian values, beliefs and attitudes will become as natural to them as breathing. This is no dry, philosophical treatise about parenting. It’s a "how-to"book, a straightforward, conversational, "in-your-face" sharing of specific ways to bring joy to your family and raise your children as real Christians. Often funny, sometimes sad, and always engaging, Parenting on Purpose will give you a whole new sense of direction as a parent and help you guide your children to a lasting and fulfilling relationship with God.
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Author General Jason Free
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Published Jan 10, 2001
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