Consecration to St. Joseph: The Wonders of Our Spiritual Father

Consecration to St. Joseph: The Wonders of Our Spiritual Father
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Need to share it
It is so well done, it is hard for me to put down! I wish I could have friends visit me so we can read & discuss it together ! It is something I want to share! Review by KYP / (Posted on 2/19/2021)
Love it! Thank you, Fr. Calloway!
I learned things about St. Joseph I never knew! I am in love with him & I invited my FB friends and family to get the book, too! Thank You, Holy Spirit for inspiring Fr. Calloway to write this wonderful book! Review by Mare / (Posted on 2/16/2021)
Thank you Father Calloway! Ite ad Joseph!
I did my self-prep for Consecration to St. Joseph using Father Donald Calloway's book and did my Consecration in 2020. There was little I know about our spiritual father, St. Joseph, until Father Calloway's book came. I consider this book a treasure to the Catholic Church. Thank you Father Calloway for writing and sharing this book to Catholics and Christians all over the world. The Holy Spirit has truly lead and guide you. On a happy note, my family of 5 is currently taking the prep classes, with God's grace, we hope to make the Consecration as a family to St. Joseph on March 19. Ite ad Joseph!
Janet W. from Arvada, CO Review by Janet / (Posted on 2/16/2021)
beyond words.
I can’t tell you how grateful I am that I came across this book. I have never known so much about St. Joseph as I did with this book. You don’t want to stop reading it. It has helped me greatly with my devotion to St. Joseph. Thank you so so much Fr. Calloway. Review by Tink / (Posted on 1/28/2021)
St Joseph our Father
My consecration day was over a month ago and continue my daily prayers to our beloved Father St. Joseph. As a cradle Catholic, I only knew that St. Joseph is the human father of our Lord Jesus but was never taught of this man's virtues or his greatness while he lived. As having traveled through Egypt and through Israel, I often am wonder and absolutely amazed on how St Joseph managed to take care of his family through such arduous roads and a long sandy journey. This book outlined why he is the second greatest saint and regrettably was much forgotten over the ages but thanks to Father Calloway we are now going to celebrate the year of St Joseph. I have now prayed for his help for healing from COVID for friends and my sister's entire family of 11 ( age 3 to 58) who all recovered. I am now waiting for the impossible to be answered through St. Joseph and Mother Mary's help. Incredible job writing this book Father Calloway. Review by Connie / (Posted on 12/19/2020)
Our most helpful and loving spiritual father!
I love this book! I am on day 14 and I feel it has already helped me to realize how St. Joseph is each person's spiritual father, the perfect father we all wish we have. I believe this book can help everyone to know our spiritual father St. Joseph is just waiting for us! For anyone who needs a great father in their life (which is just about everyone!) Review by Fan B / (Posted on 10/14/2020)
Enlightening, needed, timely, hopeful, thank you
Just completed 33 day consecration, learned so much about St Joseph and his role. Thank you. Review by JP / (Posted on 10/8/2020)
Beautifully crafted, hats off!!!
Father, thank you so much for this profound book.It has touched my life so much. Thank you for all your sacrifices to make us better, holy ans at peace with Jesus. You have opened so many doors of hope, graces and strength. I pray for you and hope to meet you someday.
With all our love! - Cookie, nurse, mother of 4, married 27 years. Consecration Day- Our Lady of Knock
To God Be the Glory!! ♥️ Review by Cookie / (Posted on 7/26/2020)
The prayers and copy of the Art Work is wonderful!
I completed the 33 Days of Consecration to St. Joseph and for months after, went to my book to continue with prayers. I gave one to a relative who is a Passionist Priest another to one of my sons whose middle name is Joseph. I miss having it for one week and want another copy for myself and another to pass on. Review by Johnny / (Posted on 7/14/2020)
Terror Of Demons wonderful title for St. Joseph, Our Lord and Savior’s Daddy
Wonderful book. Love reading it and listening to Father Calloway explain the meaning of what his writings mean.
Review by Hortencia rodriguez / (Posted on 6/19/2020)

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