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Rome Due Centi Luoghi

Pocket Guide to 220 Can't Miss Sites

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Description:This easy to use guide to Rome's most important sites is organized by the neighborhoods of Rome. Each section is accompanied by an easy-to-follow pull-out map.

The author, Greg Pulles, is a frequent traveler to the city and has identified the art, architecture, and religious or historical sites that every pilgrim to Rome will want to see. For each site, the guidebook offers a short description of its significance and what you will not want to miss, as well as the author's favorite restaurants, churches, chapels, statues, paintings, mosaics, piazzas, and Italian wines (top 13 reds and top 5 whites!). He also provides small guides that will help you read Roman numerals and Latin inscriptions. The guide includes a description of the major epochs in Roman history, the most influential popes and their heraldic shields, and bus, subway, and major thoroughfare guidance.

Product Details
Compact Edition
105 pages
Published:January, 2018

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