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Divine Mercy Essentials

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Description:Learn Divine Mercy from the experts with Divine Mercy Essentials! New from the John Paul II Institute: an in-depth course on the theology and spirituality of devotion to the Divine Mercy. This 30-session course explores every major aspect of the message and devotion of The Divine Mercy, as well as the liturgical and pastoral issues arising from its practice. It is ideal for Divine Mercy leaders, study groups, clergy, seminarians - anyone who is ready to dig deeper into the mystery at the heart of the Catholic Faith: God's merciful love.

Robert Stackpole, STD, director of the|John Paul II Institute, is the main instructor for this in-depth course on Divine Mercy theology and spirituality. Learn Divine Mercy Essentials from Dr. Stackpole and his team of experts. Groups and individuals can view the sessions either on DVDs or online.

*Additional materials required for those who register to take the course for a Certificate. List available upon registration. Please visit for additional information.

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Author:Robert A. Stackpole, STD
Video DVD
7.25 10.75 inches

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