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Consecration to Divine Mercy Prayercard

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Description:Most Merciful Jesus,
your goodness is infinite, and the treasures
of your grace inexhaustible. I have infinite
trust in your mercy, which is above all your
works. I surrender myself to you entirely
and without reserve, that I may thus live
and strive for Christian perfection. I desire
to spread your mercy through the performance
of both spiritual and corporal works
of mercy, particularly in converting sinners
and in consoling and aiding the needy, the
afflicted, and the sick.
Guard me, then, as your possession and
your glory, for which I have everything to
fear from my human weakness; at the same
time, I have everything to hope from your
mercy. May all men come to know the
fathomless depths of your mercy, to confide
in it, and to glorify it forever. Amen.
Jesus, I Trust in You!
With Ecclesiastical Approval

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